The L&R Way—
A Collaborative Culture

Over the years, L&R has worked hard to create an atmosphere of collaboration. Collaboration elevates an organization, it elevates a team and it elevates the individual. To us, to collaborate means to work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something. This means we work in total cooperation with each other toward the same end. Why was this our goal?

Because collaboration is the language of leadership.

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The L&R vision is simple. To ensure that our customer foster “Ultimate Loyalty” from their customers or be U.S.E.ful, our vision is to be Designers of the Ultimate Shopping Experience for our Customers’ Customer. We embody this vision with our ability to L.E.A.D., using our core principals as the path upon which we walk.

Our core principles are designed to define how we succeed in achieving our Vision Statement. Each L&R team member has the ability to live in our core principles and L.E.A.D. by following the attributes of a leader.

Listen & Learn

Listen with intent to learn.

Listen to others and allow them to voice their opinions and ideas. The biproduct of listening with intent is learning. We learn from all the experiences we encounter both good and bad. The learning we can extract from all experiences is how we grow as human beings and colleagues.


Challenge the Status Quo (CSQ).

The best ideas come from those who don’t take everything at face-value, but challenge ideas to improve them. By asking questions as to why the status quo exists, we create
engagement and the ability to embrace change. We always strive to improve upon our current system or process.


Be in gratitude and begin in gratitude.

We look at every person, opportunity and challenge through the eyes of gratitude. Being in gratitude creates the right environment and energy for optimal creativity and growth. We celebrate progress and learning – even those attempts that produce more and less than expected!


We act decisively,

with the intention to do the right thing, in the right way, at the right time and for the right reason. If the outcome is not what we expected or desired, we learn from it and take corrective action. We always have one goal in mind: to create the Ultimate Shopping Experience for our customers’ customers.